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Liquid Wrap vs Paint or vinyl.

People always ask me why would I spend $1500 or more to have my car liquid wrapped vs getting a real paint job that will last longer? I tell them 1st a real quality paint job is going to cost $3500 and up to start. Good auto paint is expensive and requires an great skill level. The saying “you get what you pay for” is still true today and always will be. 2nd If you paint your car with auto paint, then that’s pretty much it for the factory finish. When time to trade or sell your car it may be difficult to with that custom paint job, A good factory finish is hard to beat. Not everyone will like your favorite color as much as you did or at least they will say that they don’t in order try to get the selling price down. But with a liquid wrap, you can peel off the sprayed on product and go back to the factor finish with no problem at all. No residue left behind like you would find if you used vinyl and the primer that’s used sometimes to hold it down. Don’t get me wrong, when apply paint, vinyl or liquid wrap, skill, proper equipment and products used are essential to the outcome. No riddle can or low priced electric turbines used here. We mostly apply our products with a Satajet 5000 B HVLP Spray Gun for applying as many as 8 coats for coverage and easy removal. Here at A Team Auto Enhancement we prefer liquid wrap over all for several reasons. Liquid wrap products have come a long way in the today’s market and are only getting better, here at A Team Auto Enhancement we mainly use and If a mistake is made when applying, most times it can be corrected with ease. Same goes for if customer happens to have a fender bender or something. Now it will not protect your car against body damage, but if its just a cosmetic issue or bad scratch to the liquid wrap, it can be removed and reapplied. Liquid wrap also protects your autos finish against the weather elements like nothing else out there.

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