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Window Tinting

Using Meter to check tint shade percentage.

Using a meter to check tint shade percentage is the only way to truly know what percent the tint on your car really is.  One big and costly mistake some shops make is by eyeballing or guessing the percentage.  Just because the installer applies 35% to the glass does not mean it will meter out…

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Prepping windows for tint install.

When prepping window for tint film install, we use high pressure air to help remove dirt and dust from the window seal and gaskets.  Using this method helps insure that dirt and dust does not get in between film and window during installation.  Dirt and dust can completely ruin the out come of an installation.

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Removing window tint film with a Steamer

When is comes to removing tint film from windows, a steamer is our tool of choice.  Steams helps tremendously by losing the adhesive and leaves very little if any (glue) at all behind.  If adhesive is left, we just remove it with glass cleaner and a clean razor. Because of the defroster and antenna,  steam…

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Many out there don’t even know what a plotter is.  And some customers main concern is only dealing with a installer who has a plotter.  We use a plotter for tint, vinyl lettering and more.  Here are some of the reasons why.  A plotter makes installations faster, create more productivity, make installations more consistent and…

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